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Happy Customers - 23-11-2011
Brookevale Equestrian Tack Shop A 30yo in such good shape thanks to Stonebridge
Brookevale Equestrian Tack Shop
Stonebridge Feeds
Sergio Artico awww...30 years and looking like that...well done stonebridge...(I use the cool condition for the yearlings...and is brilliant, it does exactly what it says on the bag...keeps them cool and with tons of condition !!!)
Brookevale Equestrian Tack Shop lol thanks she really does look great, we used to use and spillers and dobsen and horelle and made no diff even when feeding like a bag a week.. but just shows a good meal helps and she suffers lamanitus and it doesnt effect her...
Sergio Artico which of the stonebridge feeds do you use for her ?
Brookevale Equestrian Tack Shop the stonebridge senior mix i think it new we started stocking it in shop few weeks ago..and we use all products on our own horses so we know how good it is...
Sergio Artico i get my feeds from Floods in newbridge Co. Kildare but it stocks only the Racing and the Cool Condition mainly
Brookevale Equestrian Tack Shop if you contact stonebridge direct they might be able to help you out it worth a try