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Stonebridge Supplement Range - 3-02-201

Stonebridge Supplements Range 50% off Sale until the end of March ONLY


Biospectrum   Sale Price 26.00

Specifically designed to balance the intestinal microbial health of the animal this can be caused due to diet change , stress, antibiotics and also a super supplement for laminitis

Muscle Plus  Sale Price 64.00

Designed to lessen the effect of exercise stress on the horses muscles  it also allows a horse to train harder, with less physical stress recover more quickly and race more often if required

Pulmon Plus Sale Price  25.00

Pulmon Plus is designed specifically for horses that experine E.I.P.H (Exercise induced pulmonary haemorrhage) . It does this by strenghtening the blood vessels in the lungs and nasel pathways.

Release Sale Price 30.00

Fantastic for horses that suffer from "Tying Up" it contains a fine balance of vitamins and minerals along with Bioplex,Acid Buff, DMG, and MSN in order to counter act any deficiencies in the horses system that may be contributing to the problem

If you would like to order any of the supplements please contact our office on 0289 4433052 with your card details and we will arrange next day delivery