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MUSCLE PLUS is a feed supplement for horses specifically designed to lessen the effect of exercise stress on the horse’s muscles. It does this by reducing the breakdown of the muscle tissue due to exercise, reducing inflammation and supplying additional muscle fuel. MUSCLE PLUS allows a horse to train harder, with less physical stress, recover more quickly and race more often if required. Active Ingredients:
HMB, MSM, Creatine, Vitamin E,
Selenium, L-Carnitine, LGlutamine,
Magnesium, Calcium

Feeding Guidelines:
Feed 50gms per day while the horse
is in training.

Active Ingredients:
Vitamin A, Vitamin D3,
Vitamin C, Vitamin E,
L-Glutamine, Calcium Carbonate

Feeding Guidelines:

See description opposite

PULMON PLUS is a feed supplement for horses, specifically designed to help in the management of horses that have experienced E.I.P.H. (Exercise induced pulmonary haemorrhage). It does this by strengthening the blood vessels in the lungs and nasel pathways. Feeding Guidelines:
Feed 50gms per day per 500kg bodyweight. Increase or reduce in accordance with the horse’s bodyweight. Feed for 6 weeks before the horse does any serious exercise. Five days before a race or strenuous piece of work increase dosage to 100gms per day.



BIOSPECTRUM is a feed supplement for horses specifically designed to balance the intestinal microbial health of the animal. Microbial imbalance can occur in horses due to diet change, the use of antibiotics, stress, laminitis and other physiological disorders, and if not addressed can often lead to diarrhoea and / or colic.
Most foals at nine days will show signs of diarrhoea, due to the changes in microbial balance in their gut and not, as many people believe, due to the mare coming into season. Even orphan foals will exhibit signs of diarrhoea. BIOSPECTRUM will help to address this situation.

BIOSPECTRUM is available in a syringe or powder form
for ease of feeding.

Active Ingredients:
Lactobacillus Strain, L-Glutamine,
ProFeed, Bio-Mos, Biosaf Yeast

Feeding Guidelines:
Feed 30gms per day for foals and
older horses.


Active Ingredients:
Acid Buff, Vitamin E, Vitamin C,
MSM, BioPlex, DMG,
Mineral Complex


Feeding Guidelines:
60gms per day added to feed.

RELEASE is a feed supplement for horses, specifically designed to help in the management of horses that experience the problem of ‘ tying up’, or to give it its clinical name ‘exertional rhabdomyolyses’, Horses that suffer from this condition develop stiffness and pain in
the muscles of the lower back, gluteals and thigh. In severe cases muscle tissue breakdown occurs and the horses’s urine turns dark, (myoglobinurea). Research has indicated that there can be several different causes for ‘tying up’ some of which are as follows:

Altered carbohydrate metabolism
Electrolyte imbalance
Lactic Acid build up
Vitamin E/Selenium deficiencies
Hormonal imbalance

RELEASE contains a fine balance of vitamins and minerals
along with Bioplex, Acid Buff, DMG and MSM in order to
counteract any deficiencies in the horse’s system that
may be contributing to the problem of ‘tying up’.


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